MIDEST Fair 2015 Casablanca – Marocco

MIDEST Fair 2015 Casablanca – Marocco

  • On 20 December 2014

The fifth edition of the MIDEST Fair 2015 saw our partecipation, at the Casablanca Exhibition Centre opposite to the greatest Hassan II Mosque.

Although Morocco is unquestionably growing fast, it does not always seem easy to reach “important” contacts without having good local contacts. That’s why many people offered themselves as “representatives”.

The trade show organisation was good, our products certainly obtained some success (constructions, above all façades), collecting good number of contacts including several europeans (from France and Spain).

We consider positively this experience. Certainly it was the best way to meet a Country and a marketplace, that is still waiting to be discovered, but at the meantime seems to perfectly know where it is heading: it wishes to confirm its position as the main gateway to Africa.