Parma Camper Fair 2017

Parma Camper Fair 2017

  • On 23 November 2017
  • stainless steel, parma fairs, inox, parma fairs, stones, fencing, stainless steel, glass

Italian and International production of recreational vehicles has been excellently showed for 9 daya in Parma. An enthusiastic audience looking for latest offers concerning vehicles and outdoor life products was welcomed, in 120,000 square meters exhibition area.

Salone del Camper marks in 2017 an increasing attendance, able to overcome the record marked last year. visitors, attracted by the exhibited novelties were welcomed also in Frangivista MD‘s stand.

We believe more strongly into Frangivista‘s multiple potentialities, it gained an extremely positive consent both in setting up in gardens and private areas, but also in campings and trailer parks.

Fascinated by the proposed solutions, a lot of visitors have crowded the exhibition area asking for customized solutions. Operators have also undestood that Frangivista MD, can play a leading role as a fence or as separation element. Thanks to the use of environmentally friendly components, combining elegant design with minimum maintenance costs.

Camping and trailer parks, welcomes and cuddles the travelers thanks to the facilities providing services, that turns a short or long vacation in a unique experience.