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At SIA-MPL, we seamlessly weave our dedication to a sustainable future with innovation and social responsibility. In this era where environmental awareness is crucial, we are determined to shape a better tomorrow through our daily actions.

At SIA-MPL, sustainability goes beyond a mere value; it represents a profound awareness that each decision resonates with the Earth we collectively inhabit. From initiating the production process to nurturing relationships with suppliers and customers, we actively reduce environmental impact and advocate for ethical business practices.

Explore this dedicated section of our website to transparently discover the projects we pursue and challenges we address. Your participation is welcomed on our journey toward lasting sustainability. We firmly believe responsible companies drive positive societal change. Together, we can bring about meaningful change, inspiring transformations beyond the boundaries of our business.

With regards to the sanctioning provisions envisaged by the European Union following the war events between Russia and Ukraine, we wish to confirm that SIA-MPL srl has always operated in full compliance with the restrictions established by EU Regulation 833/2014 and the most recent amendments introduced with The
EU Regulation 214/2023 of 23 June 2023.