Frangivista Privacy Fencing


Stainless steel and stone, fencing design.

Frangivista Martino Design is a stainless steel fence with an exclusive, patented modular system.
The “baskets” in welded wire mesh can be combined in countless layouts with natural stones and safety glass.
This product is both functional and decorative and flatters any setting, becoming a part of the design in its own.
Thanks to the use of natural elements, it is totally ecological and eliminates maintenance costs.
It is suited to rustic, modern and futuristic settings. Extremely stylish and elegant yet practical and easy to install.
It adds a personal decorative touch to gardens, swimming pools and outdoor areas, giving you the privacy you want in the intimate corners of your home.

Frangivista Martino Design components

  • Baskets and support poles in stainless steel AISI 304L
  • safety glass
  • Stones in various colours